Delectable duo Tiefschwarz bring a new experience to Studio Kreuzberg, a 2 part EP with Timo Mass remixing; ‘Echo 1/2'. ‘Echo 1’ opens the gate with a high-caliber leftfield-burner; turning the night to day with an electrifying tactile aesthetic. The boys lay down the heat immediately with a series of intense interactions and precarious percussive planes pushing the pressure pleasantly. With their best foot forward and a shimmer in their eye, we come to ‘Echo 2’, a kind of alternate

Just successfully tested at our 5th anniversary celebration last weekend at Watergate the next big bang is about to be released: Our friends from When We Dippremiere the next record release in form of a remix by our new addition to the family Timo Maas Official Pagethat comes from no one less than Techno's most favorite Brothers Tiefschwarz (Official)! 🚀#banger Preorder here 👉

Timo Maas @ 5 Years Studio Kreuzberg at Watergate, Berlin, 2019-01-1 We’d like to thank Timo for his lesson in DJing at our recent anniversary night at Watergate. And although the recording can’t reflect the goosebumps atmosphere on site we are still happy to give you a glimpse of that special night. Get a sneack peek of Timo's stunning remix for Tiefschwarz's upcoming EP on Studio Kreuzberg at around 54 minutes! 👌🏻🚀 Great to have you in the family, Timo!

In times of "too-much-of-everything" we've always followed our mantra "quality before quantity" and look back to five wonderful years full of music, new and old acquaintances, long nights on the dancefloor and in the studio and luckily way more ups than downs. Be it our first parties at Berlin's Fiese Remise, label nights from Hamburg to Ibiza or three successful releases so far with no. 4 just about to drop in a few weeks from now, there are plenty of

😅 Damn how excited we were when we announced our first Studio Kreuzberg Night at Watergate Club exactly four years ago. On January 19th we'll celebrate our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY and we can truly say that our excitement hasn't lessened a bit! 😁👌🏻 We'll take over our living room with a mega turbo lineup of SK artists and close friends to celebrate the joy of music and creative collaboration. Come and have a dance with us! Much love, your friends from

Dear friends, we're ultra excited to celebrate our next Studio Kreuzberg Night together with you on our favourite Berlin dance floor, Watergate, on  June 2nd ! :-) MONKEY SAFARI WILLARIS.K TIEFSCHWARZ NELA JÜRGEN PENG (LIVE) IOAKIM SAYZ YAWK Studio Kreuzberg turns up in full family mode featuring old and new faces from the studio and beyond. Next to studio partners and musical mates TIEFSCHWARZ is Tel Aviv’s higly talented NELA, who, after spending hundreds of hours in the lab recently, will play for SK for the second time. Long-time friend and

  On board since day one (and even before that), Javier Logares has supported Studio Kreuzberg and helped it materialize into what we are today. Now he’s back at it with his fellow countryman Kaarel and a few more friends for Studio Kreuzberg’s third release: ‘La Cuarta Galaxia’, incl. Tiefschwarz and Black Peters remixes. Javier and Kaarel start things off on a delicate note, a floating ambience sways between the beats as synths call from a distance. ‘La Cuarta Galaxia’ slowly

We're highly excited to celebrate together with you our next Studio Kreuzberg Night on our most favorite Berlin dance floor, the Watergate, this Saturday! :-) Besides to our neverending love for electronic music we come together to celebrate Javier Logares' & Kaarel's upcoming record on Studio Kreuzberg that will be released in January. Therefor we invited all other musical participants of this record: The Schwarz brothers aka Tiefschwarz as well as Afterlife's hottest pick Black Peters who delivered two outstanding remixes.

    SK002, Studio Kreuzberg’s second release comes from label-mastermind YAWK and French producer Mowgan, with Studio Kreuzberg staple Javier Logares on remix duties. ‘When It Kicks’ opens the doors to an atmospheric dance floor experience, with airy pads floating between the beats as a dirty synth cuts through the arpeggios with a deep growl as the track grows stronger and the floor gets hotter. Javier’s take is a bubbling blend of peak time energy and solid production to create a beautiful

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      For Studio Kreuzberg’s debut release, we call on the world famous DJ duo Tiefschwarz and Studio Kreuzberg founder Yawk to set the stage for things to come from the Studio Kreuzberg lab itself. The boys deliver a brilliant collaboration, a 4 track EP ‘Calling Home’ including remixes from Nick Galemore and Eluize. The original mix opens the EP, giving off an air of experimentalism and freedom, the same that led to the creation of the label itself. The track plays

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] We're online with episode no 9 of the Studio Kreuzberg Studio Cast! This time it's no one less than Tiefschwarz who show us a deep view into their musical soul! ! http;:// http;://

It’s official: With the first release in form of a collabo between Tiefschwarz (Official) and SK founding member YAWK the long awaited Studio Kreuzberg label officially kicks off! Yeahhh! :) We’re CELEBRATING the news as well as our 3RD BIRTHDAY in good old tradition at our most favorite Berlin dance floor: watergate club "official" next Saturday! There you can catch all the musical protagonists of the first EP playing together including Eluize and Nick Galemore who both delivered stunning remixes as

After a short break we're back with new stunning music! This time brought to us by our friend Nick Galemore in form of the next Studio Cast. Loving the deep vibes here! Bravo Nick! :)   [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=true&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

What a beautiful family day that was at the beach yesterday! Family, friends, partners and amazing music all day long! A big 'Thank You' goes out to all our artists and of course to all lovely dancers! As well a biiiiiig 'Thank You' to Timo and his team for being so good to us every time again! See ya all very soon! Love, your friends from Studio Kreuzberg! <3

It’s almost August, the sun is shining in Berlin and we're up with a new episode of the Studio Kreuzberg ‚Studio Cast‘, a highly personal 60 minute analysis of what the artists from the Studio Kreuzberg family are made of. This time it’s IOAKIM SAYZ - Studio Kreuzberg founding member and 'Rhineland Palatinates' only super star who compiled a beautiful mix of some of his all time favorites be it new or old. It also includes his latest release ‚Taboo‘ that

We were asked by our friend Timo Hoppart to host a floor at Griessmühle for the first time. So we did! :) Studio Kreuzberg Gratts & Eluize (Ensemble, Night Tide) Javier Logares (Studio Kreuzberg) Sabine Hoffmann Official (Frauengedeck, Zaijenroots) Mowgan (Studio Kreuzberg) Dada Revolution I.nOmac (Dada Revolution) Francesco Zappalà (Dada Revolution) Mattia Fontana (Clique Club, Vice, It) Lory T. (Italian Krak Down, It) Gunther (t) Afterhour from 10am :)

It’s this time of the year again: Summer, Sun, Sand, Music, Kreuzberg!  All together it means it’s time for a STUDIO KREUZBERG OPEN AIR again!!! Yeahh! :-) We’re very happy to have our one and only open air this year again at our friends from SAGE BEACH - the place where it all began about two and a half years ago when we had our fist party at the Fiese Remise. Feels good to come back home again! :) La Familia: (alphabetical order) Dan Buri Official Ed Ed IOAKIM SAYZ Javier Logares Mowgan NELA SPQH Xander

Mambo Number 6!! We’re online with the next episode of the Studio Cast, a very personal mix series fed by our dear musical friends. :) This time it’s Matthias and Joe from #INSTANTBONER who created a very unique selection of music that has played an important role within their artistic development. ‪#‎INSTANTBONER‬ are no classical DJs but one of the best live acts we’ve heard so far. If you’re in town I really recommend you to catch them playing live at

We're on air with the fifth episode of the Studio Kreuzberg Studio Cast! As a warm up for the next Studio Kreuzberg Night at our beloved Watergate Club on May 27 we're exclusively hosting the next episode of 'Together' by Gratts and Eluize who'll be playing right into the sunrise on Saturday morning. Vorfreude!!! :-) [mixcloud width=100% height=120 light=1] Follow Gratts & Eluize here:

Once again, we’re super excited to announce the next STUDIO KREUZBERG NIGHT date at our beloved WATERGATE! We’re back with our buddies GRATTS & ELUIZE, #INSTANTBONER (LIVE), IOAKIM SAYZ and YAWK while the mainfloor will be occupied by VITAMIN with Catz N’ Dogz and Richy Ahmed. We’re thrilled to back and already getting excited! So come out and enjoy some fine music in true Studio Kreuzberg style!! Join us here:

[mixcloud width="" height="" cover="1" mini="1" light="1" autoplay="1" tracklist="1" artwork="1" iframe="true" ][/mixcloud] Episode number three of the monthly Studio Kreuzberg STUDIO CAST is here and it comes from our highly talented and close friend from Switzerland: DJ Le Roi! Cedric already played for us at the beginning this year at our Studio Kreuzberg Night at Watergate and totally smashed it. Now he exclusively banned some of his favorite records "on tape" for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! More info:

Our second night at watergate club "official" was a blast. Thanks DJ Le Roifor joining us and rocking the Waterfloor as you expect it from a real headliner! Thanks to Eluize and Tanaka & Harry for their passion and dedication. You guys were awesome! With Watergate we can consider us lucky to have such a professional and incredibly open-minded supporter: thank you Robin, Eddie, Jay and Kolja and the whole staff for making this night happen. Also thank you Johannes and Doreen

*** PLEASE NOTE: THE PARTY WILL NOT TAKE PLACE AT THE FIESE REMISE BUT AT AN ALTERNATIVE LOCATION (MORE INFO SOON) *** 2015 has been a promising year for us so far and there is so much more to come! After a great party at Watergate in January we planned to be back in our beloved living room, the Fiese Remise. Unfortunately the club was temporarily shut down by the city government however. But instead of mourning we were lucky to