It’s almost August, the sun is shining in Berlin and we're up with a new episode of the Studio Kreuzberg ‚Studio Cast‘, a highly personal 60 minute analysis of what the artists from the Studio Kreuzberg family are made of. This time it’s IOAKIM SAYZ - Studio Kreuzberg founding member and 'Rhineland Palatinates' only super star who compiled a beautiful mix of some of his all time favorites be it new or old. It also includes his latest release ‚Taboo‘ that

We were asked by our friend Timo Hoppart to host a floor at Griessmühle for the first time. So we did! :) Studio Kreuzberg Gratts & Eluize (Ensemble, Night Tide) Javier Logares (Studio Kreuzberg) Sabine Hoffmann Official (Frauengedeck, Zaijenroots) Mowgan (Studio Kreuzberg) Dada Revolution I.nOmac (Dada Revolution) Francesco Zappalà (Dada Revolution) Mattia Fontana (Clique Club, Vice, It) Lory T. (Italian Krak Down, It) Gunther (t) Afterhour from 10am :)

It’s this time of the year again: Summer, Sun, Sand, Music, Kreuzberg!  All together it means it’s time for a STUDIO KREUZBERG OPEN AIR again!!! Yeahh! :-) We’re very happy to have our one and only open air this year again at our friends from SAGE BEACH - the place where it all began about two and a half years ago when we had our fist party at the Fiese Remise. Feels good to come back home again! :) La Familia: (alphabetical order) Dan Buri Official Ed Ed IOAKIM SAYZ Javier Logares Mowgan NELA SPQH Xander

Mambo Number 6!! We’re online with the next episode of the Studio Cast, a very personal mix series fed by our dear musical friends. :) This time it’s Matthias and Joe from #INSTANTBONER who created a very unique selection of music that has played an important role within their artistic development. ‪#‎INSTANTBONER‬ are no classical DJs but one of the best live acts we’ve heard so far. If you’re in town I really recommend you to catch them playing live at