Different environments trigger different emotions in different people. Artists and globetrotters such as Black Peters study their environment closely since inspiration is the fuel for their productivity. And those who are not only familiar with Black Peter’s musical accomplishments as for example his releases on Tale of Us’ label “Afterlife”, Pan Pot’s “Second State” as well as our very own “Studio Kreuzberg” label, but have also had the pleasure to get to know him in person will confirm that behind this disciplined, hard-working and energetic artist unfolds a sensitive soul full of empathy and openness, equipped with a great sense of humor. Consequently we were curious to learn where he draws his musical ideas from. We caught him commuting between his two homes – New York and Berlin – and won him to compose a very special 2.5 hour Studiocast for us in which Black Peters grants us a close look into his very personal record collection.