Renewal has always been part of music, long before the invention of such distinctive categories as “Classical” or “Contemporary”. Deutsche Grammophon’s commitment to the process of musical creation took a fresh direction last year with the launch of “XII”. The innovative project is set to continue this year with a second monthly schedule of compelling compositions from some of today’s most exciting musical pioneers.

Rossano Snel’s „Sunday 23“, slated for release on 31 January 2020, introduces the latest iteration of “XII” with a gentle piano lullaby. The work offers space for retreat from the distractions and disturbances of modern life, inviting listeners into a soundscape built from its Berlin-based Brazilian composer’s meditative reflections on a Sunday morning, the 23rd of March, in São Paolo. It captures dream-like traces of autumn in Brazil and fleeting thoughts of spring in the northern hemisphere.

“There was this feeling of ‘every end is a beginning, too’,” observes Snel, “that feeling that lets you realise life as a cycle. Later I understood that my soul was probably already feeling the need to sniff the other side of the ocean. Three months later I settled in Berlin – a city full of creativity.” Sunday 23 stands for new beginnings and the outpouring of what Snel calls “simple melodies, full of heart”.

Rossano Snel is a storyteller using music to share his tales and impressions about life. Echoing neo-classical and film soundtracks, the music created by this Brazilian composer and pianist uses harmony progressions, ambient soundscapes and confrontational feelings to shift through styles in a fluid, emotional way. Since his youth he has been involved with composition, orchestrations, electronic and film music. He has already made several feature films, documentaries and TV series. Those productions were broadcasted by HBO, Netflix, arte, ZDF, ARD, Canal Brasil in countries like USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

The changing seasons and life’s restless stream of feelings and emotions lie behind the sounds of “XII”, Deutsche Grammophon’s celebration of new works by some of today’s most innovative and creative musicians. The multi-artist project took off in January 2019. It has grown since with the release of a new eSingle every month. Deutsche Grammophon released a vinyl LP of all 12 pieces in the “XII” series last December.

Building upon the Yellow Label’s commitment to new repertoire, “XII” presents a series of works with the power to punch through the crowd of monthly releases and establish an online home on influential music-streaming playlists. Their composers, free from rigid genre boundaries, reflect contemporary classical music’s diversity.

Deutsche Grammophon’s Senior Director New Repertoire, Christian Badzura, says: “This project was born out of necessity – sometimes you come across one particular unreleased track that you want to promote, and “XII” is the perfect vehicle for that. It’s also given the team the opportunity to connect with so many talented artists from all over the globe – both upcoming and established composers – and those contacts are proving incredibly rewarding.”

eSingle Release Date for „Sunday 23“: 31 January 2020