Studio Kreuzberg

Berlin, Kreuzberg; the middle of the floor. A place where musicians from various studios meet, have a smoke, and chat a bit. They talk about music, life, and great ideas. The result: a unique vibe and a desire to share this with others. The birthplace of ‘Studio Kreuzberg’, a label that can’t be pigeonholed - and doesn’t wish to be.
Studio Kreuzberg has become a melting pot of creative work as well as a home for ambitious fresh artists who believe in the unity through music and takes its capability from friendship, openness, realness and collaboration.
The collective does not only consider itself a pure music studio, an electronic music label or party promoter, but a collective of international artists.
Studio Kreuzberg has gained high reputation for its parties within the Berlin scene. The initiative came from Studio Kreuzberg founder Julian Ganzer aka Yawk. Out of the wish to give the art, created at the studio, a platform, the eponymous event series ‚Studio Kreuzberg Night’ came into being. The open-hearted and family-like parties quickly drew attention by a growing fan base. The only prerequisite: every act must have a relation to the origin - no matter if it is musical friendships, joint collaborations or recommendations. That’s the way it was then, and still is today. Nowadays the artist network calls Watergate its home base. However the places inspire people go far beyond the city walls. From Hamburg to Ibiza to around Europe.
In early 2017 Studio Kreuzberg founded it’s own music label. The label is defining itself through an artist-friendly philosophy, that consciously emancipates itself from leading industry dinosaurs. Thereby the Studio Kreuzberg label represents a concept based on distinctive and unique music. Studio Kreuzberg stands for the kind of music, where everything can and should happen. It is about art that does not follow any formula and which sets no limits from outside. It is what Berlin stands for, and what happens when ideas from all over the world merge in the German capital. Whether live acts or DJs - the lineup of the Berlin label is futuristic, experimental and free from trends. In short: music that was created together and creates togetherness.

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