Timo Maas @ 5 Years Studio Kreuzberg at Watergate, Berlin, 2019-01-1 We’d like to thank Timo for his lesson in DJing at our recent anniversary night at Watergate. And although the recording can’t reflect the goosebumps atmosphere on site we are still happy to give you a glimpse of that special night. Get a sneack peek of Timo's stunning remix for Tiefschwarz's upcoming EP on Studio Kreuzberg at around 54 minutes! 👌🏻🚀 Great to have you in the family, Timo!

It’s almost August, the sun is shining in Berlin and we're up with a new episode of the Studio Kreuzberg ‚Studio Cast‘, a highly personal 60 minute analysis of what the artists from the Studio Kreuzberg family are made of. This time it’s IOAKIM SAYZ - Studio Kreuzberg founding member and 'Rhineland Palatinates' only super star who compiled a beautiful mix of some of his all time favorites be it new or old. It also includes his latest release ‚Taboo‘ that

We're on air with the fifth episode of the Studio Kreuzberg Studio Cast! As a warm up for the next Studio Kreuzberg Night at our beloved Watergate Club on May 27 we're exclusively hosting the next episode of 'Together' by Gratts and Eluize who'll be playing right into the sunrise on Saturday morning. Vorfreude!!! :-) [mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/studiokreuzberg/studio-cast-5-gratts-eluize/ width=100% height=120 light=1] Follow Gratts & Eluize here: https://www.facebook.com/gratts.dj https://www.facebook.com/EluizeMusik

[mixcloud width="" height="" cover="1" mini="1" light="1" autoplay="1" tracklist="1" artwork="1" iframe="true" ]https://www.mixcloud.com/studiokreuzberg/studio-kreuzberg-studio-cast-003-dj-le-roi/[/mixcloud] Episode number three of the monthly Studio Kreuzberg STUDIO CAST is here and it comes from our highly talented and close friend from Switzerland: DJ Le Roi! Cedric already played for us at the beginning this year at our Studio Kreuzberg Night at Watergate and totally smashed it. Now he exclusively banned some of his favorite records "on tape" for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! More info: https://www.facebook.com/djleroiofficial