SK001 – Tiefschwarz & Yawk – Calling Home (incl. Eluize and Nick Galemore Remixes)



For Studio Kreuzberg’s debut release, we call on the world famous DJ duo Tiefschwarz and Studio Kreuzberg founder Yawk to set the stage for things to come from the Studio Kreuzberg lab itself. The boys deliver a brilliant collaboration, a 4 track EP ‘Calling Home’ including remixes from Nick Galemore and Eluize. The original mix opens the EP, giving off an air of experimentalism and freedom, the same that led to the creation of the label itself. The track plays with your senses as it moves your feet, form the chopped vocals to the gritty organic vibe it carries. Next, Nick Galemore dives deeper, creating an atmospheric ambience while slowly pulling back the wool to reveal an emotionally and physically moving remix. From here Eluize takes over with her ‘Mum’s The Word’ remix. Opening on a bouncy groove she quickly enchants with a beautiful blend of percussion and ambience. Before long, she’s captured us with a bubbling synth that pours over the track with elegance. Lastly, the instrumental mix strips down the vocals to the bones to deliver a pure experience, ending the EP in the same place it began.

Format: Digital
Cat.-No.: SK001
Release Date: 10/02/17


Download and stream here: