Our second night at watergate club „official“ was a blast. Thanks DJ Le Roifor joining us and rocking the Waterfloor as you expect it from a real headliner! Thanks to Eluize and Tanaka & Harry for their passion and dedication. You guys were awesome!
With Watergate we can consider us lucky to have such a professional and incredibly open-minded supporter: thank you Robin, Eddie, Jay and Kolja and the whole staff for making this night happen.
Also thank you Johannes and Doreen for the delicious artist dinner in a perfect surrounding… much appreciated!
Last but certainly not least: Respect to our friends Pan-Pot and Monika Kruse who took over the main floor. Was so nice to see Monika joining us downstairs after her set to dance with us „smile“-Emoticon
So as you can see there are lots of people we wanna thank. In the end however it was each one of you who came out and danced with us till the end. Your support is amazing and we’re truly thankful for it. Let the party continue… „smile“-Emoticon